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Frankfurter Sparkasse

At the heart of Frankfurt

We operate the most extensive network of branches and cash dispensers in the entire region and offer a full range of online banking services.

About us

As a modern, universal bank, Frankfurter Sparkasse provides all types of financial services for both private and corporate customers. It operates the largest network of branches and service centers in the entire region. Frankfurter Sparkasse is part of the Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen Group, the central S-Group bank for Hesse, Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg.

In addition to its banking activities, Frankfurter Sparkasse has been committed to social and cultural projects for many generations. Together with the Frankfurter Sparkasse Foundation, it actively promotes and shapes the lives of citizens and the future of the region.


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Your matters matter to us

You have any questions or ideas or want to have a consultation on a certain topic.  

Your local Sparkasse

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Our online banking services allow for quick, comfortable and easy banking transactions over the internet. As part of our commitment to better meet your needs as a customer, we have made some of our online
banking functions available in English, making it very easy to transfer money, check your account balance, use our online services and much more.


You can register for our online banking service at any of our branches.

Safe and secure online banking

All it takes to make your online banking as safe as possible is following a few simple rules.

Emergency number 116 116

Our emergency number for blocking any of your cards and online banking access is open 24/7.   

Quick guides 

Discover selected quick guides for online-banking in your internet branch and mobile-banking using the Sparkassen-App.

Private Banking

Private Banking: Our Wealth Management Services

For our clients in the wealth and asset management segment, Frankfurter Sparkasse offers a special service concept with a holistic approach: 1822 Private Banking. 

The guiding principle for our highly qualified advisors is to provide comprehensive, customized advice and solutions for your assets that are systematically tailored to your needs. You are invited to take advantage of our know-how and place your trust in our exclusive consultation services.

1822 Private Banking
Garden Tower 18.+19. OG
Neue Mainzer Straße 46-50
60255 Frankfurt am Main

Feel free to contact us here to make an appointment.

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